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Shadai Perez


Meet Shadai Perez, the creative mastermind behind SP7 Studios. A professional photographer turned award-winning filmmaker, Shadai embarked on his cinematic journey in 2014 and hasn't looked back since. With two Best Cinematographer awards from Silver Springs International Film Festival and Orlando International Film Festival under his belt, his talent for visual storytelling is undeniable.

Shadai's photography has graced the pages of magazines, books, and billboards, showcasing his keen eye for capturing the essence of the moment. He even worked with Guinness World Records, filming and photographing the world's largest dog, adding a unique accomplishment to his repertoire.

His diverse film portfolio includes notable works such as The Black Side (2017), A Monster in the House (2021), and The Persistence of Time (2022), demonstrating his exceptional range and expertise.

Wearing multiple hats as a Director of Photography (DOP), Director, and Producer, Shadai is fully equipped to bring any vision to life, elevating each project with his unique perspective and creative instincts.

Throughout the years, Shadai has had the pleasure of working with an impressive roster of brands, such as Southside Bank, Xero Shoes, Disney Orlando, Condition 1, Ford, and Nissan and many more brands. Leading a team of creatives, he skillfully crafts everything from simple branding videos to elaborate marketing campaigns, always striving to achieve the mission of the client.

Shadai's passion for storytelling extends to his work on numerous short-form documentaries for nonprofits that serve the world, highlighting his commitment to making a difference through his craft. In 2022, he completed a full feature-length documentary for GYC, further showcasing his documentary prowess.

In 2021, Shadai's expertise was recognized when he joined the judging panel for the Tyler Film Festival, sharing his insight and knowledge with the filmmaking community.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to become co-owner of Lightbox Collective, a thriving digital marketing agency, in 2019.

But Shadai's prowess doesn't end there; with a 9-year tenure in the hospitality industry, he has honed his customer service skills at prestigious companies like Hilton and Marriott, culminating in his role as a General Manager. This invaluable experience has enriched his expertise in branding and business development.

A devoted community member, Shadai also serves on the board of the Tyler Seventh Day Church, exemplifying his commitment to giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Inspired by George Bernard Shaw's words, Shadai embraces the true joy in life by devoting himself to his passion and community. Like a splendid torch, he illuminates the creative world with his talent and dedication, passing on a legacy of hard work and inspiration to future generations.

Let this artistic virtuoso, with an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success, elevate your visual experience at SP7 Studios.


Shadai Perez
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